la empresa colombian cattle sas

Colombian Cattle SAS, is dedicated to raising, fattening, marketing, distributing and exporting, bovine cattle with high quality standards, we guarantee the management conditions, through registration of animal health and feeding, in addition to implementing techniques for the management of solid waste and liquids, and for the fertilization of pastures and forages.


We have a sustainable and sustainable model, with rigorous quality controls, which allow us to enter markets at national and international level.

For all this we are sure to provide total satisfaction to our associates and customers.




We act with integrity and honesty, complying with legal regulations, ethical and moral principles of society.

Quality culture

Our organization works to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients, employees and partners.


We are committed to the environment, that is why we have an action plan for its protection and to improve the well-being of the community.



Our organization is involved intellectually and emotionally, contributing to the success of the company.


Humility and simplicity are our banner.


It is reflected in all levels of the organization, tolerance, kindness and understanding, facing the various ideas and points of view.

principios y valores colombina cattle sas

mision y vision colombina cattle sas


Colombian company that specializes in services aimed at the livestock and meat sector. Raise and raise cattle to market and distribute to the national and international market. Handling high quality standards, we fulfill the needs of our clients.


Colombian Cattle SAS, in 2020 is emerging as the leading company in Colombia in the marketing and distribution of livestock and agricultural products in the national and international market, based on management systems, providing variety in the offer and generating confidence of employees , clients and suppliers.